our Mission:


The Onion Foundation is a private philanthropic foundation based in Maine. Our mission is to encourage conservation and stewardship of the natural environment and to promote music and the arts in the state of Maine. 

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our vision:

Support organizations that empower people in their communities to live healthy vibrant lives by…

Protecting the environment through education and research

Removing barriers and creating access to outdoor recreational experiences

• Providing resources to adapt to a changing climate

• Cultivating and educating future environmental stewards and leaders

• Building healthy food systems with local access and distribution

• Promoting access to local music, theater, dance, and visual arts

• Preserving the many strong art and music programs that exist today

• Establishing new art and music programs for the future

• Advancing music and the arts education

• Creating community-focused participatory arts experiences

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Our Grant Areas

In alignment with our mission of encouraging conservation and stewardship of the natural environment and promoting music and the arts in Maine, we concentrate our funding in the following grant areas:

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environmental STEWARDSHIP

At the core of our environmental mission is the stewardship of land and water and the connection between people and nature. We believe that the future health of our state (and planet) depends on active conservation. We support organizations that engage in preservation, scientific inquiry, and climate-change research.

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We believe that environmental education is critical for a better future. The more informed our citizens are about the changing state of our natural environment, the more likely they are to initiate efforts to protect it. We support organizations that bring environmental education to Maine citizens of all ages.

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We believe that musical and artistic performances are important elements of a healthy community. Performances bring people together for shared cultural experiences, and create opportunities to connect, discuss, and explore together. We support organizations that provide access to artistic performances and educational opportunities in music and the arts.

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We hope to improve the health of people by increasing access to healthy outdoor activities and local food. Whether by creating new green space in urban environments, building trail networks in rural regions, or connecting families to farmers in their communities, we believe in making our natural environment more accessible. We support programs that introduce people to outdoor recreational opportunities and provide access to healthy local food.